Kinetik (Firebird)

Kinetik (Firebird)


Kinetik is an arcade game with an odd plot based upon the laws of motion. You have to find three letters, spread across all forty-three levels of the game to spell a word.

As you move your craft through the levels struggling to maintain control, weapons and other items can be collected. Your power levels must be kept topped up, by submersing in water or collecting rare bonus flowers.

Teleporters allow you to move between zones, deflector shields protect you from harm, the chemical sprayer is a weapon to ward off enemies and the E.Z. control thruster makes movement much easier.

Almost all enemies will be out to harm you, except for the thief who will steal an item from you instead.


1 thought on “Kinetik (Firebird)

  1. Ashley Pomeroy

    I remember two things about this game. The first is the cover painting, which has a nice sense of scale. The second is the letters you were supposed to collect – PAX, which is latin for “peace”. I remember feeling really smug when I worked that out.


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