Jinxter (Rainbird)

Jinxter (Rainbird)


Jinxter is the third illustrated text adventure from Magnetic Scrolls, after the success of both The Pawn and The Guild of Thieves.

The game is set in the land of Aquitania, which borders with Kerovnia. It is also a land that is most definitely down on its luck at the moment. The charms of Turani and the bracelet of Turani must be reunited else Jannedor, the evil green witch, will take over!

Of course, it's not as simple as all that, but you get the idea. The game text is definitely tongue-in-cheek, with forgetful Guardians popping in and out as and when they feel like it.

Along the way, bizarre sounding spells like Doofer and Oojimy will have to be cast, and naturally the five charms will have to be found and somehow reunited with the bracelet which is worn by Jannedor herself!

Converted for the usual wide range of computers, all versions of Jinxter had graphic illustrations with the exception of the Spectrum +3 and Apple II versions, which were text only.


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