IO (Firebird)

IO (Firebird)


IO is in many ways of typical, horizontal scrolling progressive shoot ’em up. Flying from left to right across a constantly scrolling backdrop, you pilot a small fighter craft that has to blast its way through four levels of arcade mayhem.

Destroying waves of alien hordes deposits power-ups that enhance your ship's weaponry or defences. Ultimately though, it boils down to blasting anything that moves, avoiding obstacles and collecting upgrades for your ship, before defeating a large end level boss.


1 thought on “IO (Firebird)

  1. Richard/TND

    First saw this game on a magazine cover tape in the early 1990’s. Brilliant – and very tough shoot ’em up. Nice graphics, very good game play. Not even multi-load. A must for C64 shoot ’em up fans 🙂


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