Hive (Firebird Gold Edition)

Hive (Firebird)


Hive is an arcade exploration game, using wire-frame 3D to depict your view as you pilot the Grasshopper ship inside the gigantic alien hive ship that has landed on Earth. Your mission is simple enough, locate and destroy the control centre of the hive and terminate the Queen that lies somewhere within.

Your Grasshopper ship is powered by collecting pylon-shaped objects inside the hive. Without them, your own life force will be used to power the ship, but that won’t last forever and if the ships runs out of power, you die!

Your ship will traverse the tunnels inside the hive automatically. You choose which direction to go next when you encounter a junction, otherwise the ship moves forwards. If you come to a halt, then you have the chance to turn around.

Aim your sights and shoot various obstacles. There are times when your Grasshopper ship can also jump over trip-wires, spikes or stings. Portcullises need a key before they will open. You can also drop up to three markers inside the hive, to help you navigate your way through the tunnels.


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