Gyron Arena (Firebird Silver £1.99)

Gyron Arena (Firebird Silver £1.99)


Gyron Arena was the specially written 3D maze game coded by Torus to decide the ultimate winner of the competition that was included in the packaging for the original Gyron game.

The prize was either a Porsche 924 LUX sports car or £12,500 in cash. The winner took the cash, and the Arena maze was then released by Firebird on the budget label a few months later.

Whilst the original Gyron came with a nice bi-fold colour leaflet explaining the principals behind the game, the budget release had scant instructions printed on the inlay. Instead, Torus wrote a step-by-step instructional program which was loaded from the tape before the main game. The player then stepped through 45 different screens that gave far more information on how to play the game (and winning strategies) than the original Gyron did.


Although the eventual winner of the play-off competition managed to complete the maze in just 18 minutes, there was no actual timer built into the game so the competition was timed the old fashioned way, with a stopwatch!


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