Gyron Arena (Firebird Silver £1.99)

Gyron Arena (Firebird Silver £1.99)


Gyron Arena is a 3D maze game and is almost exactly the same as the full price Gyron except with a different single maze. The player controls a vehicle called the Hedroid, which can hover up and down the trenches in the maze. The idea is to reach a goal within the maze in the fastest possible time.

Of course, floating through trenches in the maze would be boring if there weren't obstacles and destructive forces to get in the player's way. Giant balls patrol the maze in set patterns, and they are deadly if the Hedroid collides with them. Towers also watch over the maze, and if they are facing in the right direction, they can blast the Hedroid.

Thankfully, the Hedroid comes equipped with a short-range radar as well as a weapon that can be used against Towers. Single towers have a blind spot, so the Hedroid can sneak past without being detected. The player can also use the giant balls as cover and get further into the maze without being shot at. Shooting a tower from behind is the only way to destroy them, but their destruction sometimes creates a new tower or rotates another tower in a different direction, making the maze harder to complete!


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