Gothik (Firebird)

Gothik (Firebird)


Gothik is a top-down dungeon crawling arcade game. The player must recover six body parts that – when reunited with a magic cloak – will resurrect a Druid named Hasrinaxx.

Firebird aficionados will recognise that name from Druid and Druid 2: Enlightenment fame! Unfortunately, the game manual and the copy on the back of the inlay don't tally. We prefer the story about Hassrinax the Druid over the alternate Wizard called Argoth. You pays your money and you have two choices! 😉

The adventure is set in a land to the north of Belorn... wait a minute... Firebird aficianados will also recognise that name from Runestone. Seems like Firebird are trying to link up a number of their fantasy releases into one large, sprawling mythology. Interesting...

Anyway, the gist of the game is to explore the dungeons within four towers, smiting any monsters that seem smitten with you! You choose to play as Olga or Olfa. Potions can be collected as you explore, and there are 32 different types to discover. Most will help you, but some may hinder. For example, Archer doubles the number of arrows collected whilst Dizzy... makes you dizzy!

There are a number of items to collect as well, including gold, extra lives, magic relics and food to name just a few. Use Firestorms to burn away bracken that might block your path in a dungeon, or choose between three different weapons to defeat the monsters that lurk in the tower dungeons.

You can pause the game to check on your status at any point during the adventure.


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