Gold Digger (Firebird Silver £2.50)

Gold Digger (Firebird SIlver £2.50)


Gold Digger is another early budget game ‘inspired’ by others of that era, including the classic Dig Dug and possibly a dash of Boulderdash!

The game is surprisingly difficult, with the ‘miser’ homing in on the player with startling speed and accuracy. The player really has to be quick to think, else they lose a life. Successful tactics depend on the miser that is chasing you. The first screen starts with the red miser, and the second has two misers – one red and one green. The title screen shows four (green, blue, red and magenta), and each one takes a different path to the player, who controls a white spinning object for reasons that are never explained!

The number of gold nuggets to collect on each screen is random, as is their positioning. If you're lucky, you only have to grab two or three nuggets to finish a level!

Gold Digger features music from the camp-song favourite Oh my darling clementine (rendition by Melvyn Wright) whilst loading from the cassette, and again on the title screen.


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