GoGo The Ghost (Firebird Silver £2.50/Firebird Silver £1.99)

GoGo the Ghost (Firebird Silver £2.50/£1.99)


GoGo the Ghost is a multi-screen arcade platform game for the Commodore 64.

Set in a haunted castle, there are 150 chambers to get through and GoGo can collect various items along the way to help him. The ultimate aim is to reach the top of the castle and rescue GoGo's dream princess.

Level obstacles include phantoms and a time limit which can be extended if you know what to look for.

GoGo the Ghost is a very tricky and unforgiving platform game from the early days of home computing. So the player didn't have to start again every time they loaded the game, some rooms contained passwords that could be used to return the player to that level on another day.


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