Games Tester Job Description

What follows is the standard Job Description that was used for a Games Tester at TelecomSoft when I joined the company in 1988. Any typos or spelling mistakes are from the original document.

JOB TITLE: Games Tester


REPORTING TO: Senior Games Tester



Ensuring equipment is maintained in good repair.

Ensuring security of product media under development.

Ensuring software product allocated to them is adequately tested and any errors reported.


Ensuring all media is free from any corruption.

Testing software product for errors.

Dealing with customers technical enquires.

Maintaining equipment room in good order.

As and when required contacting programmers or programming teams to describe software errors.

Daily report on software under test.

As you can see, a fairly straight-forward role, but an important one all the same. Every so often, bugs would slip through, but on the whole we play-tested the games thoroughly. Of course, there wasn’t quite the same coverage on games back then so customers would often phone up and ask for help when stuck in a game. It was all part of the service as far as we were concerned. For a while in the 90’s, publishers set up helpline numbers that were charged at premium rates, but today there aren’t too many of those around thanks to the Internet!

Other Job Titles

Games Tester obviously wasn’t the only job at TelecomSoft. Other jobs included (in no particular order) Development Manager, Development Assistant, Publisher, Deputy Publisher, and Procurement Manager to name just a few.

Because TelecomSoft was part of mainstream BT, new BT employees had to go through a three month probationary period before they were officially taken on.

I’m not sure if this applied to everyone, but certainly in the development department we were paid weekly rather than once every calendar month.

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