Fungus Warriors


This Amstrad CPC only arcade title was designed by Tony Warriner and coded by Mark Turner. It featured jetmen in a boulderdash-style world of blocks which had been invaded by a fungus entity.

The player had to fly around and blast their way through the fungus without getting trapped. It was technically very nice, with a split screen approach for simultaneous multi-player action, in a similar style to that used in the original ‘Spy vs Spy’ game.

The split-screen part of the game caused the most headaches to Mark Turner, but he managed to resolve the technical problems in the end. The game was duly completed and the developers were paid in full, but ‘Fungus Warriors’ was never released.

Lost title

Fungus Warriors wasn’t the full title for this game. It was ‘something something Fungus Warriors’ but unfortunately nobody can remember the rest of it!


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