Flying Shark (Firebird)

Flying Shark (Firebird)


Flying Shark is a vertically scrolling shoot ’em up coin-op from Taito. The original Japanese name for the game was Hishou Zame. In the US it was also known as Sky Shark.

Although Flying Shark looks like it is set in WW1, the plot was extremely vague. For example, no mention is made as to whom the player was fighting for or against!

High Command has recalled their best flying ace to go on one last mission - a lone mission against overwhelming odds to save mankind!

Starting at the bottom of the screen, the game scrolls from bottom to top, with dozens of attacking planes, gun emplacements, tanks and boats trying to thwart the player's bi-plane.

Their plane can shoot a stream of single bullets, or use up to four smart bombs to obliterate anything on the screen. Weapon upgrades (to shoot multiple bullets or gain extra smart bombs) are awarded when an entire 'wave' of enemy planes is destroyed.

Gun emplacements and tanks turn their gun turrets and shoot from the side or behind, so the player has to be adept with the controls to out-manoeuvre the enemy bullets.

Although the upgraded weaponry definitely gives the player an advantage, they still have to use a fair amount of concentration and skill to battle through each of the levels.


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