Fish! (Rainbird)

Fish! (Rainbird)


The copy on the back of the Fish! box says:

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Get Out Of The Water.

The tide is turning in the teeming metropolis of Fishworld. The oceans and the seas are boiling off into space. The Seven Deadly Fins - an inter-dimensional group of anarchists - are on the loose. The Project has been sabotaged... And you're a goldfish.

Tough. But then life's like that. Sometimes you're dealt a raw deal. Toast falls buttered-side down. Phones ring when you're in the bath. And there's always chili sauce on your kebab.

From rain-soaked forest and London recording studios to the farthest reaches of time and space, Fish! will bemuse, dazzle, and thrill you before confusing, razzling and killing you.

Fish! is brought to you by Magnetic Scrolls, authors of such classic award-winning adventures as The Pawn and The Guild of Thieves. It's full of what you're least expecting, lacking in all that's rational, and devoid of much that could be reasonably expected... So, dust down your tackle, dress up your flies, reel in a winner and play Fish!

One Nibble And You're Hooked

Thanks to Peter Verdi for supplying decent scanned images for some of the above packaging.


The release of Fish! in the UK and Europe in late 1988 introduced a much flimsier (i.e. cheaper!) Rainbird box, which was only used for a small handful of titles. It was a way of cutting back on  production costs, but it was unpopular with most people within TelecomSoft and Magnetic Scrolls alike.

One little joke that we used back in the day was to say that due to the cheap packaging, many of the Fish! boxes would end up looking extremely battered... 😉

Of course, had Fish! been released today then the Travel Card included in the packaging (shown above) would have had to be an Oyster Card (which is the genuine name for a pre-paid travel card used on the London Underground tube system)!

US Fish

The release of Fish in the US saw the loss of the exclamation mark in the title. Quite why it was removed is something we never did find out, but then we didn't know why it was there in the first Plaice! What we do know is that Steve Lacey of Magnetic Scrolls fought to keep the exclamation mark in the title. If you don't believe me, sea here!

Magazine adverts

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