Fish! (Rainbird)

Fish! (Rainbird)


Fish! is an illustrated text adventure game set in an aquatic fantasy world of espionage with one Sole purpose; to stop the inter-dimensional organisation known as the Seven Deadly Fins, who are Halibut on anarchy.

There's no Plaice for sediment in the murky waters of Fish!, and players won't last five Minnows unless they're a Dab hand at catching spies for breakfast. The Seven deadly fins have destroyed entire civilisations in the past by accident, but usually for profit and/or for fun.

The only hope is to bate them at their own game, and learn to use inter-dimensional warps. Try and catch them when they least expect it.

Travel the world, inhabit various other bodies as you try to keep one step ahead of the Fins. On a scale of one to ten, they're an eleven. Remember, they're Deadly, and there are seven of them.

The player starts the adventure inside a goldfish bowl, and things just don't look right at all. The world has been turned upside down and it's the player's job to turn things around. The Seven Deadly Fins have stolen an important Focus Wheel, and it's up to the player to locate it by choosing to travel between the small, jagged and smooth warps that Sir Playfair Panchax has managed to provide.

The adventure might sound a little odd, but it's definitely not Carp!


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