Firebird Licencees Inc. (US)

New Office

A slow but steady seller, Elite eventually hit the #1 spot on the Billboard Magazine software charts in May 1986. It was the first ever UK product to make it to the top of the chart in the US, and was a rewarding moment for what was still a small company.

Later that same year, Firebird finally moved to proper offices befitting of a successful software publisher in Waldwick, New Jersey. They also hired Dan Horn as Vice President Product Development. He dealt with all areas of acquisition of products, market presence, and product analysis for publication for all divisions of TelecomSoft. He also acted as a United States computer industry expert on product development and fine tuned British and European products for the U.S. marketplace.

Dan also developed product line strategies and created new product proposals, and was instrumental in the acquisition of Bantam Imagic products for re-release in the US, including Escape, Fantastic Animals, I Damiano, Road Rally USA, Sherlock Holmes - Another Bow and The Cave of Time. As they were all re-releases, the packaging was quite slim and wasn't much bigger than the 5.25" floppy disks and the instructions that came with each game.

Other publisher's UK products were also sold in the US via Firebird Licensees, including CDS (Colossus Chess IV), PSS (a number of strategic war games), and Ocean Software (Frankie Goes to Hollywood).

The packaging for the US releases of TelecomSoft titles was initially the same as in the UK except with US barcodes and stickers giving the US office address. Occasionally there had to be a change in title between a UK release and a US release. For example, The Sentinel became The Sentry (there was already a game called Sentinel in the US).

Super Silverdisk

Initially called the Firebird Super Silverdisk range, these Commodore 64 only releases included two games on each disk:

Gerry the Germ / Microcosm, Rasputin / Chicken Chase, Sabre Wulf / Underwurlde (both Ultimate games), The Arc of Yesod / Nodes of Yesod (both Odin titles), Runestone / The Helm, Battle of Britain / Battle for Midway (both PSS titles), Booty / Cylu, Willow Pattern / Chimera

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