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Fergus McGovern

I was very sad to hear in early March ’16 of the sudden passing of Fergus McGovern, founder of Probe Software¬†(amongst his many other achievements), following complications with a blood clot.

I met Fergus numerous times back in the late 80s and early 90s (during my time at TelecomSoft and Mirrorsoft), and many of my former colleagues worked with or for him down the years. Probe Software produced a number of games for TelecomSoft, including Dynamic Duo, Savage!, Demon’s Revenge and countless other titles. Under Fergus’s leadership, Probe had numerous big hits with other publishers as well, including the home conversion of the classic Sega coin-op ‘Out Run’. He inspired and encouraged so many people in the industry and he will be missed.

1 thought on “Fergus McGovern

  1. Lost Dragon.

    Very sad to read of his passing.

    He was someone i always enjoyed reading the views of, in various UK magazines over the years.

    RIP Great Man.


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