The box for E.P.T. would have likely contained the following items to accompany the disk(s):

a) A copy of ‘The moonhoppers guide to System Sol’.
b) An operation manual for a Payan Trader.
c) An operation manual for a Babelpisc Translation Unit.
d) An electronic key to a spaceship’s airlock door.*

*Most likely a plastic item, similar to the items included in other games like the casino chip that came with Magnetic Scrolls’ Corruption adventure.

The original idea was to include a separate notebook containing various names and numbers in his/her uncle’s personal handwriting, with newspaper cuttings pasted into it and having a four colour map of the Lundus Tube System on the back. To reduce costs, the notebook contents were to be incorporated into the ‘Payan Trader Operational Manual’ instead, utilising the inside front and back covers of the manual to keep the page count down.

Two additional plastic items were also originally suggested for inclusion in the box; 'A beautiful Kitonic Sword' and 'A Babelpisc Translation Unit that operates in all Mangoran, Payan and Jadran dialects'. However, these ideas were also dropped to cut the potential manufacturing costs.

You can now download the guides as PDF files as well as some of the original specification design documents, and a development version of EPT for the Atari ST (playable via an ST emulator).

Box details

Things didn't progress far enough for any box artwork to be prepared for E.P.T. However, had the game not been cancelled then the chances are that it might have been finished and released before the sale to MicroProse (UK) Ltd.

We can therefore make an educated guess that E.P.T. would have been released in the smaller, sturdy blue Rainbird-style packaging as seen for releases like Legend of the Sword.

Of course, the one thing that we can't assume is the name that E.P.T. would have been given had it been finished and published!


Ricardo Pinto would have written pretty much all of the documentation contained in the box. The plan was for the manuals and guides to be landscape and similar in look and feel to the Carrier Command manual.

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