Enlightenment: Druid II (Firebird)

Enlightenment: Druid II (Firebird)


Enlightenment: Druid II is a fantasy arcade game set in the land of Belorn. The player controls the eponymous Druid character Hasrinaxx, who starts the game armed with a handful of spells including a recharging electrical bolt spell, a key spell and the ability to command elementals (Earth, Air and Water).

Dozens of additional spells can be collected throughout the lands, including Wall of Fire, Wall of Water, Deathlight, Deathland, Finger of Lightning and many more besides.

Direct contact with the various monsters that infest the land drain the Druid's elemental strength, without which he will die.

By exploring the land, the Druid discovers other lands beyond the borders, including desert, swamp, water and rocky plains. Each terrain offers its own challenges and monsters to overcome.

The ultimate aim is to defeat the Demon Princes who protect Acamantor's dungeon, and then to enter the dungeon and destroy Acamantor himself.

If the land of Belorn sounds familiar, that's because it is. Obviously, the first Druid game was set in the same place, but so was Runestone, and Firebird's Gothink was all about resurrecting Hasrinnax the Druid! Small world, eh?


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