Empire! (Firebird Gold Edition)

Empire! (Firebird Gold)


Empire! is a game with arcade and strategy in equal measure. You begin with a small Cub Scoutship in the Abatlu system, with your ultimate objective to build a great galactic Empire across the stars.

It won't be easy though. You'll have to trade, destroy aliens and complete countless missions before you can claim to be the greatest star pilot of them all.

You can collect pods that contain cargo using cargo ropes from either side of your ship. As you make progress, you can upgrade your ship. Starbases are where you head to trade, but to get there you'll need to consult your system map.

Warp holes will allow you to travel to other planets, where you can collect ore, other minerals or people to take back to starbases. Just make sure you avoid plague-infested planets!

To finally succeed, you'll need to wipe out an alien invasion force. then you can buy starbases. Once you own solar systems then there's one last thing to do - construct a frontier shield that will enclose your Empire!


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