Dynamic Duo (Firebird)

Dynamic Duo (Firebird)


Dynamic Duo is a split-screen platform game that features the somewhat bizarre and totally whacky teaming up of dwarf and bird!

Explore a scary castle to find keys hidden inside treasure chests. Once you have all the keys, you can gain access to the Calculation Room, where the secret of the Dark Powers and how they can be destroyed is revealed.

Of course, it isn't that easy. There are plenty of baddies wandering the corridors of the castle. The bird will perch on the dwarf's head, but when split up, the bird can explore the castle faster but only the dwarf can open the all-important treasure chests.

However, the dwarf and the bird must be re-united when it comes to going up or down a level to explore new areas of the castle.

The dwarf and bird can zap the baddies with a weapon, but it only has a limited number of shots per level so it has to be used sparingly. It also needs to be used at the end of each level, when an obstructive boulder needs to be obliterated.


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