Druid (Firebird)

Druid (Firebird)


Druid - Atari - Inlay (front)

The disk version for the C64 and Atari 8-bit versions of Druid came in a slim, black wallet with copy on the back that says:

As Last of the Great Druids, wander through the Dungeons of Acamantor with your mighty Golem by your side on a quest to destory the four demon princes. Firebird publishers of the UK’s most exciting software challenge you to defy the forces of evil and attain the highest status in the holy order of Druids, Light Master!


Druid was released in a double-cassette case for the tape versions.

The inlay was bright red, following on from the recently abandoned 'Fire bird Hot' range. There was no copy on the back of the cassette inlay to describe the game or show screenshots. Instead, the inlay opened up to include the instructions for the game.

Font of all knowledge

The font used for the Druid logo was remarkably similar to that used for the early issues of White Dwarf magazine's logo, which played its part in helping to inspire the game in the first place!

Magazine adverts

The 8-bit Atari version of Druid failed to get a mention in the original advert. The game was also licensed to Dexter Soft to produce an MSX 2 version for the Japanese market in 1988.


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