Druid (Firebird)

Druid (Firebird)


Druid is a magical arcade game with influences from the world of role playing, fantasy and maybe even a dash of a well-known Atari coin-op!

The land of Belorn was at harmony until four demon princes arrived via an inter-dimensional gateway created within the dungeons of the evil lich Acamantor. As last of the Great Druids, it is the player's job to destroy the four princes and close the gateway.

Chests are scattered throughout the dungeons, containing spells that will help the player complete their task. Only one spell can be taken from each chest though, so some strategic thinking is required if the player is to succeed. Pentagrams of life will help regain lost energy, but the player must also beware the constant onslaught of the hell-spawned dimensional monsters that will obstruct their path to the demon princes.

Unfortunately, there's no way to stop the monsters from spawning, and they appear out of thin-air! The player's best tactic is therefore to shoot fast and keep on the move!

It's also worth noting that the land of Belorn just happens to be the same land that another fantasy-based Firebird title - Runestone - is set in. In fact, Firebird's Gothik is based upon the resurrection of Hasrinnax, who is the Druid from Druid 2: Enlightenment!


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