Dragon was ICOM Simulations (UK)’s second title signed to Firebird. Unfortunately, just like Blazing Barrels, Dragon never made it to market either!

Dragon - Atari ST

Dragon was never advertised, and the development version on the ST was extremely simple. Basically, on the left you saw a castle with a drawbridge. The drawbridge was open, and a large dragon sprite could walk along the drawbridge and back. That was about it! The whole thing looked and felt a little bit like ‘Black Lamp’ which Firebird had only published earlier the same year (1988).

I have no recollection as to what happened to the deal with ICOM (UK) Ltd. It might have still been active when BT sold the labels to MicroProse, or the deal might have already been dead.

Dragon - Atari ST

ICOM (UK) barely got off the ground, and a year or so later, Dragon briefly became an Electronic Arts (EA) title. It was still being developed by the same people (Jake Glover and Dave Lawson – formerly of doomed Liverpool-based developer and publisher, Imagine), but they had re-branded themselves as a development team called Rapier.

Dragon - Atari ST

Funnily enough, EA never published the game either!

Deja Vu too?

ICOM’s two year deal with TelecomSoft was for six titles, including Dragon, Blazing Barrels, the European distribution rights to Deja Vu 2 and three more titles that I don’t ever remember seeing.

I do recall looking at Deja Vu 2 on the Apple Mac in the TelecomSoft office, but as with the two original games that were signed up from the new UK side, we didn’t end up selling Deja Vu 2 either! In essence, the deal might as well have never happened, as nothing was released by TelecomSoft.

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  1. Ross Sillifant

    Wow.I always wondered what had become of this after an early look in Zero Magazine (i think).

    Superb to finally be able to put it to bed.


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