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The unfinished v0.31 of RAIL (21-jun-1988) includes the executables to create your own test text adventure, as well as the interpreter and an example test adventure to explore!

However, please read the new text instructions (readme.txt) which have been included to try and explain how to use the various executables. There is also a demo text game which was being created by Paul Coppins as a rigorous test of what RAIL could produce. Do not play this example game if you are easily offended!

R.A.I.L. - Adventure creation workflow

Because this download is a development version, it is not guaranteed to work or behave properly. Neither I nor the program author, John Jones-Steele, accept responsibility for any loss of data that might occur as a result of running this program. Downloading the file constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of this statement.

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    1. Richard Post author

      Happy to fix a factual error, especially one of this magnitude! Glad to discover he’s still with us and continues to be creative! 🙂


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