Download EPT

The file contains an emulated disk image (for Atari ST emulators), and guides and design PDFs for EPT.

EPT disk

This emulated disk image is version S25c, dated 15/02/88. EPT was still developed for at least another six months beyond that date, but stand-alone versions after February ’88 don’t exist anymore. The zip file contains an additional PDF with information and instructions on what you can and cannot do in the game.

You will need an Atari ST emulator like Steem, SainT or Hatari to run this version of EPT. Note that this archive file contains a Quick Start document (PDF) as well as the disk image.

Thanks go to Ricardo Pinto and Adrian Stephens for allowing this work-in-progress version of EPT to be made available for downloading.

EPT guides and design documents

These PDF documents contain the guides and original design specification and background information written by Ricardo Pinto in 1987/88..

Copyright (c) Ricardo M. Pinto. All Rights Reserved. Reproduced here with kind permission.

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