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This is a playable, early MS-DOS based development version of the unfinished comic book adventure called The Acrobat, which was in development for Rainbird between 1988 – 1989.

Because this download is a development version, The Acrobat for MS-DOS is not guaranteed to work. Neither I nor the author – Mike Lewis – accept responsibility for any loss of data that might occur as a result of running this program. Downloading the file is acknowledgement and acceptance of this statement.

You need to extract the files contained within the zip file into a new folder. Enter the folder and look for the file called acro.bat. If your copy of Windows does not show file extensions, then look for the file called acro that has a batch file icon. This is the file that you need to run.

Please be aware that MS-DOS based programs won’t run directly from modern versions of Windows, and how it behaves when run will depend on your version of Windows. You may have to run the game from a DOS compatible mode, a Virtual DOS machine (e.g. DOSbox) or amend the file’s properties before it will run successfully.

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      Happy to fix a factual error, especially one of this magnitude! Glad to discover he’s still with us and continues to be creative! ­čÖé


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