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Weird Dreams was deep into development when the chance came along to give it some exposure on national television, via the kids Saturday morning show on ITV called Motor Mouth. On the first week, the TV presenter Neil Buchanan took the audience through the game and explained the different sections and what could be won if they battled successfully through to the end.

Unfortunately, the VHS recording I have won’t digitise correctly, but I have grabbed a few screens and saved off the audio soundtrack, so download a zipped mp3 file of how kids were introduced to the specially amended Motor Mouth version of Rainbird’s Weird Dreams.

Motor Mouth's Weird Dreams game differed from the published game in a number of ways:

Firstly, the game panel showed only two things - a Weird Dreams logo and a clock that counted down from two and a half minutes to zero.

Secondly, the player won through each stage by correctly answering a general knowledge question. There were no lives to lose - if the player got an answer wrong then it was game over.

Thirdly, some of the more risque graphics were removed from the desert stage of the game to make it fit the target TV audience of young teenagers.

The ultimate prize was a holiday to Cairo including a flight on Concorde, but other prizes were given away at key stages in the game.

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