Demons of Topaz (Firebird Gold Edition)

Demons of Topaz (Firebird Gold)


Ozzy Versus The Universe Part I – Demons of Topaz (to give its full title) was the first ever Firebird Gold Edition release. Written by Andrew Bailey (who had previously coded Headache for the Firebird Silver Range), Demons of Topaz was only available for the Commodore 64.

This time around, Andrew wanted to write a scrolling game as opposed to the static screens used in his previous Firebird game. The novel part of the game design was the boomerang weapon, which then influenced the eponymous Ozzy name.

Andrew was an incredibly fast and efficient programmer, and the entire game was written in just a couple of weeks during a school holiday. He then offered the game to Firebird and they signed it up without requesting any changes.


Andrew did start tentative work on the second part of the ‘Ozzy versus the Universe’ saga. For more details, see the Cobber.

Off the Hook

Demons of Topaz was included on the anti-drug games compilation ‘Off the Hook’ which was released by Electric Dreams (Activision UK) in late 1986. The profits went to The Prince’s Trust charity to help addicts fight drug abuse.


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