Demons of Topaz (Firebird Gold Edition)

Demons of Topaz (Firebird Gold)


Ozzy Versus The Universe Part I – Demons of Topaz is a colourful arcade platform game.

The aim of the game is to collect crystals that convert to fuel for Ozzy's old spacecraft.

The player has to use platforms to jump across a scrolling screen, avoiding traps and the eponymous demons that only appear once Ozzy has gathered the first of the crystals.

Some platforms are unstable and will collapse if walked on for very long. Other platforms act like conveyor belts, quickly moving the player in a direction they might not want to go!

The game is split into eight different levels, which are stacked on top of each other and end up in the bowels of the asteroid itself. The player can gradually work their way down the levels by finding the right path.

Falling too far or making contact with a demon will lose the player a life, forcing them back to the start or back to the spot where they last collected fuel. To make matters worse, their air supply is also gradually running out, so they can't waste too much time admiring the scenery either!

Ozzy does have his trusty boomerang to help him out though. He can throw the boomerang and it will always come back to him, even if he has moved! Any aliens that make contact with the flying boomerang will be destroyed.


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