Dark Sceptre (Firebird)

Dark Sceptre (Firebird)


The back of the Dark Sceptre box says:

Dark Sceptre will take you Beyond your Wildest Imagination to a Land of Infinite Possibilities and Limitless Adventure.

4 Channel Sound 4,000 Locations Superb Scrolling Animation

Dark Crystal

It's obvious where the artist commissioned to design the logo for 'Dark Sceptre' got their inspiration from. It is a blatant copy of the logo from the 1982 Jim Henson fantasy movie 'The Dark Crystal'!

Magazine Adverts

The game was originally advertised as a Beyond title. Then, after many delays it was advertised again as Firebird. There was also an advert from Maelstrom to advertise their Play By Mail (PBM) version!


One thought on “Dark Sceptre (Firebird)

  1. Stuart Bradshaw

    Probably my favourite Spectrum game of all time. Such in-depth gaming (something that still challenges us to this day), there are numerous facets to this game and you will try and try and try so many different routes and yet you will always lose! Mostly.
    I have actually completed this once and it was an amazing achievement.

    The biggest issue is, sadly, the ‘en guard’ bug where the programming can’t keep up with the one-on-one battles and some characters are kept forever waiting for a fight that will never occur. After a long 5 hour + game when most of your main characters are locked up waiting for a fight that will never come, the game does become, sadly, unplayable in many playthroughs.


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