Dark Sceptre (Firebird)

Dark Sceptre (Firebird)


Dark Sceptre is a fantasy-based strategy game, set in the slumbering Islands of the Western Sea. The Lord of the Isles welcomed the visitors from the North and gave them shelter. The Northerners took advantage of the hospitality and then decided to stay and invade.

To help him defeat the invaders, The Lord of the Isles gathered the finest smiths and got them to forge a magical sceptre of terrible power. Unfortunately, when he tried to use that power to destroy them it instead imbued them with a strange and evil power of their own, turning them into Lords of the Shadow.

The Dark Sceptre has to be destroyed. The player is given control of a company of warriors to locate the sceptre. However, care must be taken. If certain precautions aren't made beforehand, seizing the Dark Sceptre could destroy them!

The enemy warriors are controlled by the computer, as well as a number of warriors who are neutral as the quest starts. Recruitment of others and retaining their own warriors is crucial to the player achieving success. The player has no direct control of his warriors. Instead, commands are issued and strategies are formed.

The main action is shown in the top 3/4 of the screen. The bottom section shows the status display.


1 thought on “Dark Sceptre (Firebird)

  1. Stuart Bradshaw

    Probably my favourite Spectrum game of all time. Such in-depth gaming (something that still challenges us to this day), there are numerous facets to this game and you will try and try and try so many different routes and yet you will always lose! Mostly.
    I have actually completed this once and it was an amazing achievement.

    The biggest issue is, sadly, the ‘en guard’ bug where the programming can’t keep up with the one-on-one battles and some characters are kept forever waiting for a fight that will never occur. After a long 5 hour + game when most of your main characters are locked up waiting for a fight that will never come, the game does become, sadly, unplayable in many playthroughs.


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