Crazy Caverns (Firebird Silver £2.50)

Crazy Caverns (Firebird Silver £2.50)


Crazy Caverns was written by 17 year old Jasdan Bernward Joerges. Jasdan had bought his first computer (the 6502 CPU-based Ohio Scientific Superboard) in 1979, and was fascinated with the idea of programming computer games.

Jasdan coded Crazy Caverns for the 16k Sinclair Spectrum whilst he was still at school in Germany in 1982, meaning many long nights coding in pure machine code.

Near the end of its development, Jasdan decided that the game was good enough to try and sell to a publisher, so he contacted a number of different companies and waited for their response. In the end, games publisher Servern Software (based in Gloucestershire) signed it up. However, they soon pulled out of publishing games themselves and decided to sub-license the title to Firebird instead.

Crazy Caverns was the fourth 16k Spectrum title to be published by Firebird (after Run Baby Run, Terra Force and Menace). It was also number 21 in Firebird’s initial production run.


Jasdan went on to write another original title, this time for the Firebird Hot range, called Kinetik.


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