Corruption (Rainbird)

Corruption (Rainbird)


Corruption is the fourth illustrated text adventure from Magnetic Scrolls, after the success of The Pawn, The Guild of Thieves and Jinxter.

The game is set in contemporary London in the late 1980's. The player takes on the role of Derek Rogers, who has just received a promotion and is now a partner in Rogers and Rogers, a broking company that appears to be doing well after a series of well-timed deals in the stock market.

The adventure begins on Derek's first day in his new senior management post, and the alarm bells start ringing quite early in the day when word gets out that the serious fraud squad are trying to get hold of one of the other partners!

As with all of Magentic Scrolls' Rainbird releases, Corruption was a text entry adventure game, converted for the usual wide range of computers.

All versions featured graphic illustrations with the exception of the Spectrum +3 and Apple II versions, which were text only. Also, the 8-bit Atari missed out this time, presumably due to low sales figures in Europe for a format that was never a major player in that territory anyway.


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