Comet Game, The (Firebird Hot)

The Comet Game (Firebird Hot)


The Comet Game is a collection of sub-games all tied around the infamous return to our solar system of Halley’s comet in early 1986.

In the game, concerns are mounting that the comet could be harbouring bacteria lethal to life on earth. A ship has therefore been sent out into space to intercept the comet. The player takes the role of the onboard computer, and has to do whatever is necessary to complete the mission.

Dealing with the pilot's well-being and reacting to various emergencies as they crop up forms the bulk of the game. One minute you might be tasked with sorting out the pilot's coffee, the next you might have to align the ship's antenna or zap germ bags after successfully landing on the comet's icy surface.

Naturally, each mission is played against the clock as Halley's comet gets closer and closer to Earth. Time is of the essence!


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