This page lists those ex-colleagues who I worked with at TelecomSoft for the last year before the sale. People who worked (and left) TelecomSoft before I joined are indicated with an *, and some of them might be classified as ‘other’ if I’m not sure which department they worked in.

Games Development

Tony ‘Bubbles’ Beckwith*, ‘Gi-Jo’ Bonar, Graeme ‘Lord’ Boxall, Paul ‘The Axeman’ Coppins, Adrian ‘Has no Axe’ Curry, Joss Ellis*, Colin ‘Rad-Boy’ Fuidge, Richard Hewison, Dan ‘Dark Star’ Marchant, Pete Moreland, Steve Perry, Tim Roberts, Gary Sheinwald, Angela Sutherland, Tom Watson*, Graham Wayne, Herbie Wright*


Sean Brennan, Jane Cavanagh*, Irene Connor*, Martin Defries, Peter Fountain*, Tony Knight*, Britt Lewis, Paul Oughton, Jane Smith*, Robert Stallibras*, Jane Thorp, Sue Winslow, Leah Kalboussi (nee Wright), Ania Makowska, Clare Rowbottom*


Paula Byrne, Paul Hibbard, Tony Rainbird*, James Leavey*, James Scoular*, Chris Smith*, Herbert Wright,


Julia Coombs, Rob Davies, Clare Edgeley, Debbie Sillitoe, Sarah James, Mike Anderiesz*, Phil Pratt*


Sue Pimlott, Rena Didcock, Barbara Carnegie, Ayesha Sunni*, Steve ?*


Brendan Murphy*, Mukhund Somchand*


Wayne Brett, Iian Ben-Asher*, John Fletcher*, ‘Auntie Kay’ Newman, Phil Mochan*, Mandy ?, Rose ?, Cynthia Bruschi (US), Theresa Jackson, Andy Watson, Caroline Cook, Dave Bowen, Jenny Gillette,

Not forgetting Nobby – the homeless guy who lived on the corner of Gower Street and New Oxford Street when it was a vacant building site! (Thanks to Dan for reminding me!)

Where are they now?

I apologise in advance for the people that have been missed out of the list shown here.

It would be great if any ex-colleagues can get in contact, or let other ex-colleagues know that this site exists. There are plenty of people who seem to have disappeared completely, so tracking them down for annecdotes is always going to be appreciated.

What do you think?