Classic Dogfight


Classic Dogfight was lined up as a Silverbird release, and was even shown inside the sleeve of some of the last few Silverbird releases.

From the screenshot, Classic Dogfight looks a little like a budget version of Flying Shark or 1942.

Classic Dogfight - Spectrum

Publicity for Classic Dogfight in a TelecomSoft News publication showed artwork that was by the same artist and depicting a similar (but not identical) scene to the artwork used for the re-release of Biggles.


The game was described in TelecomSoft News like this:

No-one ever came back from the Dawn Patrol.

Googles down and chocks away, the squadron’s flying aces took their rickety crates over No Man’s Land on desperate death or glory missions – bombing air-bases, strafing supply trains and daring the Hun to deadly dogfight duels amongst the barrage balloons.

The only surviving screenshot is from the Spectrum version, but it was planned as a £1.99 Silverbird release for Spectrum, Commodore 64 and the Amstrad CPC.

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