Chimera (Firebird Super Silver/Firebird Silver £1.99)

Chimera (Firebird Super Silver/Firebird Silver £1.99)


Chimera is an isometric exploration game with a heavy adventure element. The background story sets the player on board a ghost spaceship called Chimera, which has its weapons systems aimed at Earth.

Control of the main character is achieved by rotating them to face the direction they wish to walk and then pushing forwards. The fire button will pick up items in front of the player, or use them at the correct location.

The player must explore the ship, collect objects that can then be used to solve a series of logical problems, and then prime a number of nuclear warheads (in the correct sequence) which must then be used to blow up the ship.

Whilst trying to detonate the ship, the player must also keep a close eye on their food and water levels, which have to be topped up at regular intervals, else it's game over.


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