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There are no published TelecomSoft games available for download here. You will find plenty of other sites on the Internet that offer old Firebird, Rainbird and Silverbird games, but I felt more than a little uncomfortable with the possible moral and legal implications and so decided back in 2002 not to host any such files here.

When downloads are offered, they will more often than not be exclusives that you won’t find anywhere else (unless someone else has leached them from here of course!).

Feel free to browse the links above and download what little there is on offer. Please note that every file is compressed using the ZIP format, so you need a suitable program to extract the file(s) within once they have downloaded.


This page lists those ex-colleagues who I worked with at TelecomSoft for the last year before the sale. People who worked (and left) TelecomSoft before I joined are indicated with an *, and some of them might be classified as ‘other’ if I’m not sure which department they worked in. Read More

James Follett

In 1980 I got thoroughly fed up with my beloved Adler electric typewriter’s repair bills. At this time there were many thin screen electronic typewriters coming onto the market in which one could edit a line of type before committing it to paper. I toyed with the idea of buying one but, having once used a Wang, I was smitten with the idea of having a proper CRT display and the ability to store whole chapters of a novel in RAM and edit them to my heart’s content. Trouble is, IIR, the Wang cost about GBP10K and there was no equivalent wp package that worked using the few microcomputer that were appearing on the market at the time. Read More