Carrier Command (Rainbird)

Carrier Command (Rainbird)


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  1. Grunaki

    This was one of those games that ate your time and you never even noticed.. Stick it on for a bit of a blast at 8pm.. Next thing you know it’s 4am and you have school tomorrow.

    I loved the dynamics of the game.. Flipping from dogfighting with Mantas to shooting things with the laser tower, to resetting the alignments of islands with the virus bomb or command centre builder pod.

    Finding the cheat mode was bitter-sweet.. Once you had invulnerability, it was too much of a temptation to use it when you were in trouble – but spamming the numeric 7 button to speed up your passage between the islands was a real sanity-saver.

    The major problem I had with it was the ending – wreck the enemy carrier and capture all the islands and all you get is your time taken and “The End – Congratulations on completing Carrier Command” and the spinning graphic of the carrier from the title screen.. Thought they could have rewarded all that effort with something a little more spectacular.

    I was also less than impressed with the Xbox 360 / PS3 reboot.. I followed the development for a while, but it kept getting delayed a year – then another year. Finally I gave up on it, but found it at random in a bargain bin soon after it actually released. I played through the pre-story and almost got to launching the carrier, but it was pretty tedious, so I gave up on it.

    Shame, seeing as the original was such a classic.


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