Bushido (Firebird)

Bushido (Firebird)


Bushido is a mixture of adventure and arcade combat set within a fortress in ancient Japan. The Tiara clans leader Taira Tadatsune has entrenched himself in a fortress heavily defended by his men. A mass attack has already failed, so a lone warrior is sent instead. As a member of the Genji clan, it is the player’s task to infiltrate the fortress and regain control from the Shogun.

The player has to choose a character to complete the assignment. Stealth and cunning is as important as bravado and fighting strength. The fortress is guarded by both real and magical forces. To make matters worse, at midnight the fortress rooms got darker and the souls of the dead walk the halls!

Bushido includes some simple role playing statistics, including stamina, agility, strength, stealth, wisdom, etc. They can search and collect objects including armour (shields and vests), weapons, potions and ingredients. Objects have a weight and a value (in yen), and they are either in use or stored inside the character's sack.


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  1. echelon

    Hello, great site! Great memories!
    You can share, by e-mail, scans of Bushido’s manual in high resolution? Thank you in advance.

    1. Richard Post author

      Thanks for the kind comments.

      I assume you mean the poster that had the Bushido instructions on it? Unfortunately, I don’t have higher resolution images without rescanning the entire poster (which had to be done in multiple passes and then stitched together).

      Sorry, but I’m glad you like the site! 🙂


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