Budget Developer Contract

Annex A


1 The version of the programme submitted by the Author to the Publisher may be suitable only for a limited range of computers. In this event, that version shall be designated the Prime Version.

2 The Author or the Publisher may wish to prepare other versions, to run on computers which will not run the Prime Version. Such other versions shall be known as Conversion Versions.

3 The Author gives to the Publisher the exclusive right to publish such Conversion Versions, if any, as may be prepared by the Author, the Publisher or their agents.

4 The decision to publish Conversion Versions rest solely with the Publishers.

5 If the Conversion Versions shall be prepared at the Publisher’s expense, the Author shall make available all reasonable documentation and other assistance. In the circumstances, the royalties payable shall be as follows:

Physical sales: 2 per cent

Telesoftware: 10 per cent

Instead of those shown in Paragraph 7 of the Main contract.

6 If the Conversion Version shall be prepared at the Author’s expense, the royalties shown in Paragraph 7 of the Main contract shall remain unchanged.

Signed for the Author


Signed for the Publisher


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