Budget Developer Contract

Clauses 6 – 9


If at any time during the continuance of this Agreement, errors in the software leading to incorrect functioning of the software are detected, these shall be corrected by the Author at his own expense, within one month of the Author receiving written notification from the Publisher of the existence and nature of such errors. The Author shall promptly supply to the Publisher any source of material, supporting documentation and/or the like as specified by the Publisher for the purposes of evaluating the Work and/or for any purpose pursuant to publication of the Work by the Publisher. The Publisher may call upon the Author to demonstrate the Work to selected staff of the Publisher and give such explanation as the staff may require in order fully to appreciate the possibilities reasonably to be expected therefrom. The Publisher shall at no cost to the Author, provide computing facilities for any such demonstrations, but the Publisher shall not be committed to accept the Work while it is being evaluated, nor be responsible for any cost incurred by the Author.

7 ROYALTIES PAYABLE The Publisher shall pay the Author the following royalties of fees in respect of sales of the Work during the legal term of copyright.

a) Physical sales: 6 per cent of the UK recommended retail price (excl VAT) per copy sold either by the Publisher or by any party licensed by the Publisher. The same actual royalty payment to apply for all copies sold throughout the World.

b) Telesoftware: 20 per cent of the actual amounts received by the Publisher in respect of the sale of the work, not in a physical form, but by transmission through a medium of telecommunications such as the telephone, broadcasting, cable or other such medium.

8 SUBSIDIARY RIGHT The subsidiary rights for publication of the work other than as a separate programme on tape, disk or other physical medium or as telesoftware shall be controlled jointly by the Publisher and the Author and shall not be licensed without the consent of both parties, and in the event of their being licensed, the Author shall receive a percentage of the proceeds to be agreed, being not less than 50%.

9 AUTHOR’S COPIES The Author shall receive six copies of the Work free of charge on publication, and no royalty shall be payable on these copies or on copies used for purposes of publicity, review, criticism or advertisement. The Author shall have the right to purchase at the ordinary trade price such further copies as he may require for personal use but not for resale except with the written permission of the Publisher.

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