Bubble Bobble (Firebird)

Bubble Bobble (Firebird)


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2 thoughts on “Bubble Bobble (Firebird)

  1. SuperDrunk

    Probably my favourite game ever, such a pure score attack, so much to learn about its systems. As such, as much as I loved the Spectrum version as I could play it at home back then, it could never hold a candle to the arcade original, so I can only score it a 4 here. Regardless, have played this at least twice a year since ’87 on some format or another and in the past years (since Taito Legends on PS2, and the PS4 version) probably at least once a month, if not daily. A true classic. Still can’t get much past level 30 without cheating though. Incidentally, in my top 3 games ever one of the other top 3 is Arkanoid2, another Taito classic. I miss Taito, they knew how to make good games!

  2. Grunaki

    One of the most inspiring games of my childhood! I got the Speccy version when it was new (and an excellent conversion it was, given the hardware limitations) and then I got the ST version later – which was almost arcade-perfect.

    This was one of the games that my friends and I would have marathon sessions on – if there were more than two of us, we’d trade off every time someone lost a credit.

    It was simple, but tricky. Easy, but sometimes frustrating. It certainly had us coming back for more for a long time.


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