Bubble Bobble (Firebird)

Bubble Bobble (Firebird)


The copy on the back of the Bubble Bobble inlay says:


Meet Bub and Bob, two of the busiest beasties you ever saw, as they battle their way across 100 levels of controlled chaos in search of their girlfriends (ahhh!). Jump around picking up goodies and secret weapons as you seek to outsmart your enemies, but beware... hang around too long and you'll face Baron Von Blubba, from whom there's no escape!

Bubble Bobble is first in a new generation of coin-op conversions from Firebird. This is arcade action as it should be!

Blow and bounce and bob your way into oblivion in this incredible conversion of the greatest arcade game of the year...

Bubble Bobble will blast your brains and bruise your senses...

Baffle yourself... buy Bubble Bobble


Bubble Bobble was released as part of the Firebird range in a double-cassette sized crystal jewel case, or in a large plastic snapper case for the disk versions.

It included a tri-fold instructions sheet which gave basic information about the game, without giving away any of the subtle gameplay secrets.

Magazine adverts

The Bubble Bobble advert published in the UK didn't mention the Commodore Amiga conversion.


2 thoughts on “Bubble Bobble (Firebird)

  1. SuperDrunk

    Probably my favourite game ever, such a pure score attack, so much to learn about its systems. As such, as much as I loved the Spectrum version as I could play it at home back then, it could never hold a candle to the arcade original, so I can only score it a 4 here. Regardless, have played this at least twice a year since ’87 on some format or another and in the past years (since Taito Legends on PS2, and the PS4 version) probably at least once a month, if not daily. A true classic. Still can’t get much past level 30 without cheating though. Incidentally, in my top 3 games ever one of the other top 3 is Arkanoid2, another Taito classic. I miss Taito, they knew how to make good games!

  2. Grunaki

    One of the most inspiring games of my childhood! I got the Speccy version when it was new (and an excellent conversion it was, given the hardware limitations) and then I got the ST version later – which was almost arcade-perfect.

    This was one of the games that my friends and I would have marathon sessions on – if there were more than two of us, we’d trade off every time someone lost a credit.

    It was simple, but tricky. Easy, but sometimes frustrating. It certainly had us coming back for more for a long time.


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