Booty (Firebird Silver £2.50)

Booty (Firebird Silver £2.50/£1.99/Firebird Super Silver)


The copy on the back of the initial Booty inlay says:

Well shiver me timbers and splice the mainbrace and pass the grog, me hearties. Here be the greatest pirate adventure of them all, aboard that scourge of the seven seas - the dreaded Black Galleon. Feast your eyes on the BOOTY-ful treasure stored in 20 holds. There be pirates, parrots and fun galore. If you don't like it, matey, we'll hang you by the highest yard-arm!!!

The copy on the back of the re-release inlay says:

Get rich on the pirate treasure hidden in 150 holds of the galleons.


Booty - Super Silver and USA artworkBooty was initially released in the standard Firebird single cassette case.  However, the Amstrad CPC version (featuring the artwork shown here) was allegedly first published via the £3.95 Firebird Super Silver range (on cassette), although I've yet to see one for real to prove it beyond any doubt.

Booty for the Amstrad CPC then appeared on the £2.50 label and finally as a £1.99 release, along with the other versions.


1 thought on “Booty (Firebird Silver £2.50/£1.99/Firebird Super Silver)

  1. Grunaki

    I have a love/hate relationship with this one. I liked the game originally (2.50 was pretty good value), and played it here and there.. But my cousin (who lived with us for a few months) LOVED the game and played it to death – so much so that I grew to hate it, and was going to perma-swap it with a lad at school. But then that kid changed his mind. So I was stuck with it. Fortunately, my cousin gradually got bored of it and the issue resolved itself.

    I hate that b***** tune though! >:-||


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