Booty (Firebird Silver £2.50)

Booty (Firebird Silver £2.50/£1.99/Firebird Super Silver)


Booty was Firebird’s first platform game. The player controls Jim the cabin boy, who has to go below decks and gather booty, by walking over various items and collecting them. Sometimes items are booby-trapped and Jim has to rush away as quickly as possible before the bomb goes off.

Ghost pirates wander around the lower decks and Jim has to avoid them at all costs, otherwise Jim loses one of his lives. There are plenty of numbered or colour-coded locked doors that require corresponding keys to open them. Jim has to collect and use the keys in the right order if he is to complete the game.

Booty includes a hidden sub-game where you get to swim under the sea and try catching 20 goldfish without running out of air or colliding with the big fish that swim around you. This part of the game is only accessible by attaching a Currah Micro Speech device (which triggers the level by accident, due to the way the device uses part of the Spectrum's RAM) or you can enter some specific POKE values in Sinclair basic before the game is loaded.

Players can also make the swimming level appear by poking 52798,58 whilst on the controls menu, using a suitable device that allows you to interrupt the game (like a Romantic Robot Multiface for example!).


1 thought on “Booty (Firebird Silver £2.50/£1.99/Firebird Super Silver)

  1. Grunaki

    I have a love/hate relationship with this one. I liked the game originally (2.50 was pretty good value), and played it here and there.. But my cousin (who lived with us for a few months) LOVED the game and played it to death – so much so that I grew to hate it, and was going to perma-swap it with a lad at school. But then that kid changed his mind. So I was stuck with it. Fortunately, my cousin gradually got bored of it and the issue resolved itself.

    I hate that b***** tune though! >:-||


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