Black Lamp (Firebird)

Black Lamp (Firebird)


The back of the Black Lamp inlay says:

Black Lamp - a medieval melodrama featuring the exploits of Jolly Jack the Jester, hero of this mission of daring and romance to rid the kingdom of Evil.

Jack's quest is to return the enchanted Black Lamp of Allagoria to King Maxim. His courageous crusade leads through rustic landscapes and Gothic interiors dodging skull dropping buzzards, evil eagles and spitting witches to confront the fire-breathing angry dragon and battle for the Black Lamp.

The reward for success is the hand of a Princess and the price of failure is death!


Black Lamp was released in a double-cassette case for the tape versions and a larger crystal case for the disk versions.

The 8-bit Atari version was published by Atari rather than Firebird, and featured slightly different packaging from that shown here.

The game was also included in the original 'Atari ST Power Pack' which was a collection of 20 games (also including Starglider), bundled with the Atari STFM machine in 1989.

Magazine adverts

The advert mentions an Amstrad CPC version. It's not clear if this version was ever actually released, as it seems to have vanished off the face of the earth! Only when the multi-title 16-bit Firebird advert was published did the Amiga and Atari ST versions get mentioned.


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  1. Grunaki

    I got this one free with my ST from Evesham Micros. To be honest, I hardly ever played it. Felt like a basic platform game to me, and wasn’t really my thing.


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