Black Lamp (Firebird)

Black Lamp (Firebird)


Black Lamp is a medievil arcade platform game. The player controls Jack the Jester, who has been tasked with a noble and heroic quest to rescue the Black Lamp which had been protecting the land of Allegoria from harm. Without its protection, the land is over-run with monsters.

The player runs around horizontally scrolling and static screens, climbing ladders, walking through doorways, jumping and shooting at pretty much anything that moves.

Not only does Jack have to find the Black Lamp - guarded by a dragon - but eight other lamps of various colours must also be collected from throughout the kingdom and returned one at a time.

Jack can collect better weapons and replenish his health as he fights his way through the game. The ultimate objective is to rescue the Black Lamp and win favour with the King's daughter.

Although it was advertised with all the other published versions, there's no evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) to suggest that the Amstrad CPC version was ever released. If anyone can confirm or deny this, please let me know!


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  1. Grunaki

    I got this one free with my ST from Evesham Micros. To be honest, I hardly ever played it. Felt like a basic platform game to me, and wasn’t really my thing.


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