The Best of Beyond (Beyond Software)

The Best of Beyond


The Best of Beyond is a compilation of previously released Beyond games. Versions were released for the Commodore 64 and Sinclair Spectrum.

The games included in the Spectrum 48k version are: Doomdarks’ Revenge, Sorderon’s Shadow, Shadowfire and Enigma Force.

The games included in the Commodore 64 version are: PSI Warrior, Quake Minus One, Shadowfire and Enigma Force.

For those who didn't own two or more of the included games, this compilation represented very good value for money.


Also included in the Spectrum version is an audio cassette reading of Mike Singleton's novella that came with Doomdark's Revenge, narrated by Beyond's Marc Peirson. The vast majority of second-hand copies of 'The Best of Beyond' sold today (on ebay, for example) don't include the audio cassette, possibly because sellers don't realise the cassette was included.

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