Back to the Future (Firebird Silver £1.99)

Back to the Future (Firebird Silver £1.99)


Back to the Future is an arcade adventure based on the hit 1985 Universal movie.

Playing Marty McFly, you must explore a number of different levels that are all based on key locations from the movie. An icon system allows you to interact with objects and characters that you encounter as you explore.

The aim of the game is to ensure that Marty's future parents spend as much time together as possible, so they can fall in love (aahhh!). This is achieved by using objects on other characters. Marty doesn't have to walk everywhere. He can also use a skateboard, which is useful for avoiding the school bully, Biff.

A photograph of Marty's family shows how well or how bad Marty is doing. Sections will start to disappear if things are going badly, and Marty's very future is at stake!


2 thoughts on “Back to the Future (Firebird Silver £1.99)

  1. Steve

    I think that 1986 is the year of the original Electric Dreams release. I think that it was probably re-released by Firebird in 1987. There is a review of the budget release in Sinclair User in October 1987 (issue 67). That’s my best guess anyway – it would be terrific if you had any more information about when the Activision / TelecomSoft deal happened, and therefore the likely release date of the Firebird versions.

    1. Richard Post author

      I’ve fixed the year to now be ’87. I’ll have a dig around and see if I can get an exact announcement date. The latter few releases, e.g. American Road Race, Riddler’s Den, etc. were certainly in ’88 after Firebird Silver £1.99 became Silverbird. Those were the last few stragglers from the budget re-release deal.


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